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Bond/Facilities Expansion

Spring 2016


Welcome to the Bond and Facilities page.  In November 2014, the Belmont-Redwood Shores community approved Measure I, which authorized $48 million in bonds for facilities expansion and improvements in the school district.  Nearly all of these funds are being directed to additional classrooms for our growing student enrollment.  


In spring 2015, the District sold $38 million of the Measure I bonds.  The first round of expansion took place in the spring and summer of 2015:

  • two new classrooms at Redwood Shores Elementary,
  • eight new classrooms at Ralston Middle School, and
  • eight new classrooms at Nesbit to allow for Nesbit to grow to a TK-8th grade school.  

All three projects were completed on time and under budget, at a cost of approximately $17.5 million.  


Current Projects

Next, the District is planning to expand the facilities at Cipriani Elementary School and Sandpiper School from January to August 2017.  Cipriani is the most impacted school neighborhood in the District (as defined by the difference in enrollment capacity vs. demand), and we are planning to add eight classrooms and a library there.  Sandpiper will expand by ten classrooms to allow for elementary enrollment growth in Redwood Shores and to provide a middle grades option in the Shores as a K-8 school.  Links to the Cipriani and Sandpiper designs can be found to the right, listed under the board meeting at which they were presented.    


Looking ahead to 2016-17

During the spring of 2016, we have been preparing for the 2016-17 school year.  Once again, our enrollment is growing.  Districtwide, we had 19 classes of kindergarten in the fall of 2014, then 20 classes in 2015, and we expect to have 21 classes of kindergarten at 25 students apiece in the fall of 2016.  We are monitoring enrollment closely, and our demographic consultants presented their forecast through 2020-21 to the school board on April 21, 2016.  A link to that demographic presentation is provided on the right side of this webpage under “Enrollment Projections.”   Our school district’s enrollment is something of an outlier within the county, as the two graphs below indicate.      



Since 1993, our enrollment has grown dramatically more than the rest of San Mateo County (see line graph), and more than any other school district in the county from 2004 to 2014 (bar graph).  Historically, our enrollment growth has been more significant in Redwood Shores compared to Belmont.  However, over the last three years, elementary enrollment in the Shores has flattened out while Belmont’s elementary enrollment has grown noticeably, from 250 kindergarteners in 2012 to nearly 330 in 2016. 


In sum, districtwide enrollment and demand for classrooms continues to grow, and over the course of 2016, the Board will be considering next steps for facilities expansion.  We will continue to post board meeting materials related to facilities expansion on this webpage.  Do not hesitate to contact me with questions or suggestions at any point.    


Michael Milliken, Ph.D.

Superintendent or 650-620-2703

District Construction Task Force

Link to Site.


Enrollment Growth and Projections 

Enrollment Projections (April 2016)

Enrollment Projections (March 2015)

Enrollment Growth Factsheet (2014)

Enrollment Projections (May 2014)


Meeting Materials Related to the Facilities Bond 


06/16/16 - Board Meeting Update

06/02/16 - Board Meeting Update

05/12/16 - Board Meeting Update

04/21/16 - Board Meeting Update

3/31-16 - Board Meeting Update

03/25/16 - RSCA Community Meeting at Sandpiper

03/03/16 - Sandpiper and Cipriani Facility Update

06/10/15 - Sandpiper and Cipriani Facility Update 

04/30/15 - Memo to Board re: Sandpiper and Fox

04/02/15 - Memo to Board re: Sandpiper and Fox

04/02/15 - Certification of November 2014 Bond Election

04/02/15 - Bond overview presentation

04/02/15 - Link to Board Agenda authorizing issuance of bonds and refinancing of prior bonds (Items 18-20)

09/18/14 - Facilities Expansion Discussion

08/21/14 - Expansion Rationale and Scenarios

08/21/14 - Facilities Expansion Discussion

08/05/14 - Expansion Project Design Discussion

08/05/14 - Approval of Blach Construction

06/19/14 - Facilities Expansion and Financing

06/19/14 - Voter Opinion Research


Facilities Expansion Planning 

05/25/15 - EFTF follow-up from May 21st Board Meeting

05/20/15 - EFTF Materials

08/29/14 - Expansion Summary and Scenarios

Cipriani Environmental Study

Sandpiper Environmental Study