Business Services Department - Employee Payroll & Benefits Information

Miscellaneous Payroll Forms

Direct Deposit Form

Employee Benefits Summary

Qualified employees of the Belmont-Redwood Shores School District have access to a variety of employee benefits as described in the BRSSD Employee Benefits Summary linked below.

BRSSD Employee Benefits Summary (pdf)

Open Enrollment Information

“Open Enrollment” is the annual opportunity for benefit-eligible employees to make changes to their current medical, dental, and vision care coverages.  Each employee should review the following Open Enrollment Packet for important information about Open Enrollment and making changes to his or her coverage, District and employee contributions, and scheduling appointments with American Fidelity Assurance.

Open Enrollment Packet for 2019 (pdf)

Anthem Blue Cross Medical Plan Enrollment Form

Kaiser Medical Plan Enrollment Form

Delta Dental Plan Enrollment Form

VSP Vision Plan Enrollment Form

Decoding Your Leave and Earnings Statement

Your Pay Warrant is accompanied by a Leave and Earnings Statement.  Reading that statement can be a challenge, particularly if the abbreviations don't make sense.  The following is a guide and glossary to help District employees decode their Leave and Earnings Statements.


  • Provides the most current information regarding sick and vacation (VAC) leave balances (stated in hours).

Earnings Type

  • Provides information about the type of each salary/earning listed.

  • Abbreviation(s):

    • NML - base pay

    • LONG - longevity pay

    • MAST - masters stipend

    • DOCT - doctorate stipend

    • CLAD - English Learner Authorization/CLAD Certification stipend

    • NABD - National Board Certification stipend

    • PROF - career growth increment pay (classified staff only)

    • SHFT - shift differential pay

    • ADD1 - additional pay based upon timesheet

    • ADD2 - additional pay based upon timesheet (not creditable for PERS or STRS

    • HDLY - hourly pay

Employee Deductions and Employer Contributions

  • Provides a list of the deductions, including the type of each deduction, as well as the amount paid by the employee and the District. Please note that the descriptions listed will vary by employee.

  • Abbreviation(s):

    • FEDERAL TAX - federal income tax paid by the employee

    • STATE TAX - state income tax paid by the employee

    • FICA - Social Security payroll tax paid by both the employee and the District

    • MEDICARE - Medicare payroll tax paid by both the employee and the District

    • SDI - state disability insurance paid by the employee

    • WORKERS COMP - workers compensation insurance paid by the District

    • SUI - state unemployment insurance paid by the District

    • PERS NTX - pre-tax contribution to CalPERS paid by the employee

    • PERS - CalPERS contribution paid by the District

    • STRS NTX - pre-tax contribution to CalSTRS paid by the employee

    • STRS - CalSTRS contribution paid by the District

    • RET - required retirement contribution to CalPERS or CalSTRS

    • VOL - voluntary payment or contribution

    • HW - health and welfare premium payment or contribution