2018-19:  Foster Responsible Global Citizenship

Our society and economy are increasingly diverse and increasingly global.  To prepare our students for their future, we must prepare them for in-person and digital relationships in a global community.  We are piloting exchange programs, developing activities to appreciate diversity in our community, and exploring connections outside of the classroom.    This is our action plan for Global Citizenship.

Third grade students enjoying Sandpiper School's Multicultural Day.


2017-Present: Sustain a Learning Environment
that Promotes a Capacity for Innovation

We want our students to think critically, to synthesize discrete concepts, and to problem solve creatively.  These skills are increasingly reflected in the new state standards for English, Math, and Science.  Additionally, many of our teachers are learning to use Project Based Learning as a methodology to promote a capacity for innovation. This is our action plan for Innovation.

The Ralston Makers team won two awards and $1,000 at the ITIE 2016 Makerspace contest.  Here is a demonstration their low-cost wheelchair.


 2016-17:  Create a Collaborative Culture of Learning

Our framework for this strategic direction is Zwiers’ and Crawford’s Academic Conversations: Classroom Talk that Fosters Critical Thinking and Content Understandings.  The ability to function well in a collaborative setting is a foundational skill for another strategic direction, innovation, which is often the product of teamwork.  

Cross-age buddies at Cipriani Elementary work together to create "Leprechaun Traps" ahead of St. Patrick's Day.


2015-16:  Instill a Mindset for Learning

This District’s work in this area has been based on the “growth mindset” described in Stanford professor Carol Dweck’s popular book Mindset.  Simply put, intelligence can increase over time because our brain is like a muscle that gets stronger through hard work and challenge.  More resources can be found here.

A bulletin board at Ralston Middle School promotes the power of self-talk in cultivating a growth mindset.

A bulletin board at Ralston Middle School promotes the power of self-talk in cultivating a growth mindset.


Strategic plan Background information and Resources

Vision Statement

Additional Growth Mindset Resources