The following are three types of popular District programs:  5th grade outdoor education, our Healthy Schools Initiative, and enrichment activities provided by third-party organizations (which we post as a community service).  For more information about our curriculum, please contact the educational services team.  After-school programs are outlined in more detail on each school's website.


Outdoor Education

The overnight Outdoor Education Program is conducted in La Honda in San Mateo County. Students attend on a voluntary basis with funds derived from parent, PTA,  and other donations. The cost this year will be $305.00 for a five-day week and $280.00 for a four-day week. Arrangements are made for students from the senior high schools to participate as student counselors.


Healthy Schools

Healthy BRSSD extends beyond our children's diet and activity to include emotional wellness and safety. Our mission is to raise awareness in the Belmont-Redwood Shores School District and the communities we serve to provide them with tools and education needed to help raise healthy and happy children. We hope to prevent health issues and concerns that may be present in our own school and community environment.

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student enrichment activities flyers

You can submit flyers to for approval and posting.