Superintendent's Message

Belmont-Redwood Shores is an outstanding community and school district.  We have excellent schools thanks to a professional staff that is committed to improvement, an incredibly supportive community, and a Board of Trustees that focuses on the success of all students.  We have a number of exciting initiatives taking place. 

  • Global Citizenship. We have new instructional materials in History-Social Science, and we are using them to promote civic engagement, an appreciation for diversity, and responsible online communication and research.

  • A Capacity for Innovation. The State has new science standards, which include a new engineering strand. We are focusing on this new area of K-8 science content to develop our students’ capacity for innovation.

  • Long-term Financial Health. In 20016-17, our total funding per student, including strong parent donations and community support, was $1,000 less than the average California school district. (See ed-data, under “financial data” tab.) Measure K, a parcel tax passed in June 2018, reduces that gap by one-third. However, we have more work to do to ensure BRSSD’s long-term financial health.

Here are links to our goals overview and our action plans in global citizenship and innovation, which are part of our broader strategic plan.

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If you have a question, concern, or suggestion for improvement, do not hesitate to reach out to me directly by phone at 650-620-2703 or email at

Thank you for your support of our schools!

Michael Milliken, Ph.D.