Welcome to Healthy BRSSD!


In September 2010, BRSSD was one of 4 local school districts to receive a 3-year grant from the Sequoia Healthcare District to implement a Coordinated School Health Model.  The grant was extended through the 2015-16 school year.

Needs assessments were completed with staff and administrators at each school site to determine the health and wellness priorities.

Site-based staff wellness teams and a district-wide health advisory committee consisting of parents, teachers, administrators and community partners meet quarterly to discuss health and wellness issues on a site and district-wide level.


Meet the Team

Elizabeth Boldt - 

Health Educator / Wellness Educator 

The Health Educator / Wellness coordinator is responsible for general program management and coordination of the Healthy Schools Initiative Grant.  She works closely with school site teams and staff to develop and implement programs and curriculum that reflect the identified health and wellness needs of the school community.

Tanya Simpson - 

District Nurse

The district nurse works with staff to provide nursing services including mandated health screenings, diabetes management and staff training throughout the district