Facilities - Cipriani & Sandpiper Expansion Projects

Cipriani Elementary School

Historically, Cipriani has only had the capacity to host 50 students per grade level, while the number of students living in the area is nearly double that.  We are adding a new 2-story classroom building, replacing the childcare portable building, and modernizing a few outdated rooms to provide a fully functional facility for 75 students per grade level (450 total).  In addition to more classrooms, this expansion will provide the school with a full-sized library, a dedicated science classroom, break-out space for music instruction, adequate specialist offices, and a full-sized staff room.



Sandpiper School

In the last 15 years, our grade level cohorts have increased from less than 300 to more than 500 students districtwide, which has put particular enrollment pressure on Ralston, our district’s single middle school. To provide program diversity and school choice, and to promote neighborhood schools and reduce cross-town traffic, we are expanding Sandpiper from a K-5 elementary school to a school that will serve Transitional Kindergarten (http://www.tkcalifornia.org/about-tk/about-tk.html) through eighth grade.  The school will add 6th grade in 2017 and an additional grade level in each of the following two years.  Also, we are adding classrooms to provide for 100 students in each grade K-5, helping to ensure that our Redwood Shores schools have adequate capacity for local students.  Sandpiper’s facilities expansion includes a new 2-story classroom building, a new kindergarten classroom, modernization of the library, and conversion of a classroom to specialist offices.